Most popular web browsers in China

Recently I have been doing some web design projects that involved working with China, Chinese language and other China-related online market data. The truth is, as I see it, that the field of web design is still very underdeveloped. To mention a few, lack of standardization in generally most Chinese websites, lack of user interaction designs, lack of web safe fonts (limited to very few) and high number of spamming and advertising websites,  among others.

In my journey to find online market data in order to design a website for Chinese citizens one of the services I offer for my clients is the optimization of the website for the product market, thus included display resolution optimization, search engine optimization and most importantly web browser optimization.

The results in my research were disappointing. Most articles you can find on the Internet (even in Chinese) use Western data to compute the most popular websites used in China (or in all major Internet countries in the world that included China). After a few hours searching with Chinese queries, I found a very reliable source I would like to share with you.

These are statistics gathered by major Chinese web browser Baidu regarding Chinese web analytics. You can find in the first tab, the statistics for web browser usage.

If you do not understand Chinese let summarize the Chinese content for you. On the top, it says that the data gathered used a sample of 1.5 million external websites (not related to Baidu) to obtain traffic estimates. You can select different market shares by filtering by browser brand or by browser version.

For me it is important to know the versions used, so I choose the tab version. Many articles on the Internet make different claims without data backing up, and you can clearly see here that those articles are out dated.




From the data, Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser, and you can see that still there are people using Internet Explorer 6.0 (not a small percentage).

You can also see web analytics of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, traffic from different sources etc.