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    3. Application of LED window sill light

      2021-08-23 11:43:00 480

      The prosperity of a city can be reflected in the lighting of the city’s buildings, combined with modern lighting fixtures and technological advances, making the changes in lighting techniques more diversified, based on the characteristics of human activities, the characteristics of space or building structure, and the materials. And so on, the scene design of lamps and lanterns is even more important.

      The window sill lamp, as the name suggests, is mainly suitable for window sill lighting. Because the window sill lamp adopts a very narrow optical design, it can illuminate the edge of the window sill. In addition, the window sill lamp has a novel, stylish, atmospheric and strong texture, and can also produce a three-dimensional space. The light can easily show various effects, which can better highlight the outline of the building. Different architectural appearances create different moods.

      LED window sill lights can be used in many places, such as: the ceiling above the KTV corridor, the lighting decoration of the window sill of the hotel, and the exterior wall lighting project.

      Product Features:

      The shell is made of aluminum alloy, polished and sprayed later, which is sturdy and durable.

      Simple appearance and simple installation;

      Built-in secondary encapsulation waterproof module light source, protection level reaches IP68.;

      Uniform light output, no glare, can present a variety of monochrome and dynamic color light