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    3. What is the difference between the internal and external control of the wall washer

      2021-08-23 11:48:00 521

      LED wall washer is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and outline the outline of large buildings. LED is widely used because of its energy saving, high light efficiency, rich color, long life and other characteristics.

      Control form:

      The high-power LED wall washer has two control methods: external control and internal control. The internal control does not require an external controller. The designer designs the control system in the wall washer, and the program effect cannot be changed. The external control is an external controller, and its effect can be changed by adjusting the buttons of the main control. Usually in large-scale projects, most of them are also externally controlled.

      Because the internal control of high-power LED wall washer has a fixed program and few color changes, it cannot meet engineering requirements, so many projects are now switching to DMX512 external control wall washer. Reasons: 1. The external control can be controlled to a single color change; 2. The external control can be controlled into a colorful gradient; 3. The external control can be controlled into a colorful change; 4. The external control can be controlled to chase flowing water; 5. The external control rarely appears out of sync.

      DMX512 externally controlled wall washer gradually realized the transition from lighting to the artistic direction of shaping night image and lighting, and became a masterpiece of night scene lighting. DMX512 externally controlled wall washer uses advanced floodlighting equipment to display its colorful, clear-level, and distinctive light image at night, and build some high-grade, good-quality light environment places that are compatible with the image of the city, so that the city has A stronger sense of the times, thereby increasing the attractiveness of urban space, has a positive impact on the development of the city’s cultural and tourism industry and the improvement of the living environment.

      Application place:

      The high-power LED wall washer has a good illumination effect, and is very suitable for commercial places, park steps, bridge guardrails, building wall lighting, ancient building decoration lighting, swimming pool walls, rivers, and river banks. It can adapt to various outdoor temperature and humidity environments. The colors are red, green, blue, white, warm white, RGB, RGBW and other effects.