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    3. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of LED linear lights?

      2021-08-23 10:49:00 427

      With the development of the LED lighting market, more and more LED linear lights of different brands have emerged. Too many "brand" linear lights make consumers wonder how to choose, especially for new purchasers, LED linear lights The quality of the project directly affects the implementation of the project.

      In the end, how do we distinguish the quality of the line lights, and from which points to analyze. Today, we have compiled relevant knowledge to share with you for this problem, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

      LED linear lights are mainly used for the outline of buildings, viaducts and bridges, parks, gardens, scenic spots, rivers, river banks, landscape lighting of building facades, large-scale display screens on curtain walls, etc.

      ① Look at the glue

      Some linear lights on the market have serious yellowing after 1 year, so the performance of the packaging material is very important. Good products use blended modified engineering plastics with completely independent intellectual property rights as packaging materials, and the protection level reaches IP68 and resistance. Burning V-0, anti-UV four levels.

      ②Look at the waterproof plug

      Waterproof plug is particularly important in any place where there is water or may come into contact with water, and its application requirements are relatively strict. The use of blended modified engineering plastics with completely independent intellectual property rights is used as the connector cable encapsulation material. The manufacturing process of the control connector has good electrical conductivity and the protection level reaches IP68.

      The other is the issue of cost performance. If you want a high cost performance, the manufacturer must control the materials used quite well.