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    3. XH-JLP-L20006

      ● The splicing installation is convenient and quick, which can save a lot of manpower and material costs.

      ● The flatness is high, the spacing height is uniform, and the effect of completely restoring the video is good.

      ● The lamp and base are sturdy and durable, resistant to impact, tension, tension, and UV resistance and no color change.

      ● The finished product unit screens are packaged and shipped in curled, spliced and installed on-site, which can save a lot of transportation costs.

      ● Unique buckle base design, screw fixed base, not easy to fall off, each node can withstand 20kg pulling force.

      ● Special sealant potting for lamps and lanterns, protection grade IP67, general indoor and outdoor, curved/straight surface can be installed, suitable for various installation environments.

      ● DC15V low-voltage power supply, waterproof connector butt plug connection, 5 buckle bases/m, 20*30 specifications for each square lamp according to pixel requirements.

      Product modelXH-JLP-L20006
      Light sourceSMD3535*6
      Light colorRGB
      Working voltageDC15V
      Light angle160°
      Degree of protectionIP67