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    3. XH-K5006

      ● The front buckle installation structure of the face cover, the light-emitting surface is flush with the installation surface, achieving the effect of uniform light concentration.

      ● The long-distance 1.5 square sheath line 1m 8 lights/50m/2 terminal power supply has no color difference, reducing the cumbersome wiring construction and material costs for engineering applications.

      ● Suitable for all kinds of straight line, curve contour, standard or special-shaped building facades and other lighting projects; through intelligent control, any graphic, color and video effects can be realized.

      Product modelXH-K5006
      Light sourceSMD3535*6
      LED luminous colorR/G/B/Y/W(1800-6500K)/RGB/RGBW
      Working voltageDC24V
      Light angle160°
      Degree of protectionIP67