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    3. XH-H4003

      ● Small size, can be combined and installed at will.

      ● Use high-grade imported lamp beads, with high brightness and good stability.

      ● Wire temperature resistance -40℃~80℃, voltage resistance 300V, flame retardant VW-0.

      ● Various installation methods such as openings, screws, and unique cross two-way steel wire fixed installation.

      ● Adopt AB synthetic resin for sealing and potting, with strong surface hardness, impact resistance and high waterproof level.

      ● Signal transmission adopts codeless parallel or parallel DMX512 control technology, and the damage of a single lamp does not affect the overall situation.

      ● The shell is made of German Bayer PC material, which does not change color for ten years, and the light-emitting surface adopts a hemispherical design with self-cleaning function.

      Product modelXH-H4003
      Light sourceSMD3535*3
      LED luminous colorR/G/B/Y/W(1800-6500K)/RGB
      Working voltageDC12V
      Light angle120°
      Degree of protectionIP67