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    3. XH-HE1201

      ● Light source: branded chips are used for outdoor use, with high brightness, low consumption and long life.

      ● Surface treatment: high-strength PVC material pouring process, super waterproof and impact resistance.

      ● Installation: Double buckle design, freehand installation after drilling the profile, simple and fast.

      ● Material: The shell is made of flame-retardant PC imported from Bayer, Germany, which has excellent UV resistance and does not change color for ten years.

      ● Wire: tinned copper wire flexible wire is UV resistant, temperature resistant -40℃~60℃, voltage resistance 300V, flame retardant VW-0.

      Product numberXH-HE1201
      Operating voltageDC05V/DC12V
      Single power0.12W
      Type of light sourceF8
      Luminous colorR/G/B/Y/W(1800-6500K)
      Luminous flux angle160°
      Way to controlAlways bright/single color on-off
      Protection level IP67