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    3. XH-WLD145

      ● Die-cast aluminum material, good heat dissipation effect, the lampshade can be tempered glass or PC cover.

      ● Imported original chips, high-quality high-power LEDs, high brightness, extremely low heat generation, low energy consumption, and pure colors.

      ● The tile arrangement of the tile roof is that the concave curved tile is buckled on the other. The crescent-shaped gap between the two tiles is the installation space of the tile lamp. The two sheets of the corrugated lamp are inserted However, the color of the corrugated lamp is very close to the color of the tiles, so it will not affect the daytime architectural effect of the roof.

      Product numberXH-WLD145
      Working voltageDC24V
      Single power3W
      Luminous colorR/G/B/Y/W(1800-6500K)
      Light angle30/45/60°
      Way to controlAlways bright/single color on-off
      Degree of protectionIP65