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    3. XH-G2001

      ● Different color lamps adopt different color shells to ensure the consistency of the color of the signs during the day and night.

      ● Plane optics technology, astigmatism, halo, ghosting, and dark spots are all filtered through the plane to achieve uniform light concentration.

      ● It is suitable for all kinds of straight line, curve contour, standard or special-shaped building surface and other projects. It is often used for the effects of luminous characters installed on the top of super-high buildings and building outlines.

      Product numberXH-G2001
      Working voltageDC05V/12V
      Single power0.3/0.4W
      Luminous colorR/G/B/Y/W(1800-6500K) /RGB /RGBW
      Light angle120°
      Way to controlAlways bright/single color on-off/DMX512
      Degree of protectionIP67