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    3. XH-MZ3804

      ● Installation: Small size, 3M double-sided tape can be used for installation.

      ● Light source: imported brand lamp beads, with high brightness, good stability and performance characteristics.

      ● Wire: Flexible wire can work normally with high and low temperature resistance from -40℃ to +80℃, withstand voltage of 300V, flame retardant VW-1.

      ● Waterproof: It is sealed and filled with specific glue, anti-UV, anti-impact, and the waterproof grade is up to IP65, which effectively protects the lamps.

      ● Control: You can choose series, parallel and other connection methods, full-color modules, if you control it, you can achieve the effect of color changes.

      Product modelXH-MZ3804M12
      Operating voltageDC12V
      Power consumption0.75W
      Led sourceSMD3030*4
      Color temperatureR/G/B/Y/W(1800-6500K)
      Beam angle90°
      Way to controlAlways bright/single color on-off
      Protection classIP66