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      • What is the difference between the internal and external control of the wall washer

        LED wall washer is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and outline the outline of large buildings. LED is widely used because of its energy saving, high light efficiency, rich color, long life and other characteristics.Control form:The high-power LED wall washer has two control methods: external control and internal control. The internal control does not require an external controlle

        2021-08-23 11:48:00 521

      • Common faults and solutions of LED point light sources

        In recent years, domestic landscape lighting has developed rapidly. Outdoor decorative landscape lighting for the purpose of beautifying urban landscapes and commercial advertisements is receiving more and more attention and applications; LED point light sources are available due to their unique advantages. It can be combined into lines for contour lighting, and can also be combined into large pix

        2021-08-23 11:45:00 478

      • Application of LED window sill light

        The prosperity of a city can be reflected in the lighting of the city’s buildings, combined with modern lighting fixtures and technological advances, making the changes in lighting techniques more diversified, based on the characteristics of human activities, the characteristics of space or building structure, and the materials. And so on, the scene design of lamps and lanterns is even more impor

        2021-08-23 11:43:00 480